SPORTEL Law Conference - PROGRAM


Data & Analytics: a Great Opportunity to Develop and Protect Sports vs a Threat to Sports Integrity and Privacy




Which data?

Ownership, Collection, Exploitation and Control of data: main legal issues

Introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018


Panel 1:

Data related to Sports Competitions (Illegal Betting & Match-Fixing)


Integrity of competitions:

  • Big Data: a leverage to combat match-fixing?

‚ÄčIntegrity of betting:

  • Can data be manipulated (delayed data, faked data…) and be a threat for the integrity of sport betting?


Panel 2:

Data related to Athletes


  • Athletes’ right to privacy – Athletes Consent – Protection of data – Access to data
  • The role of data in the negotiation of collective bargaining (health of the athletes)
  • The use of Athletes Tracking Technologies (use & commercialization of data garnered by wearable technologies)
  • Topical example: How does FIFA TMS deals with data related to football players?


Panel 3:

Data related to Sports Fans

  • Data in Connected Stadiums: Legal issues over data captured over Wi-Fi and their use
  • Data and Sports Broadcasting: Enhancing the TV viewers’ experience