Release of Football Legal # 7 (June 2017)


The evolution of modern professional football has transformed the issue of minors into a major one.

While this issue is very topical, it is also extremely complex.

It is topical as evidenced by the recent cases involving Barca, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid as well as the other cases in progress.

It is complex as there are two opposing philosophies regarding the FIFA ban on the transfer of minors. The ban can be perceived as an attack on the freedom of movement of persons and a loss of opportunity for many young people (and their families), for whom football is a way out of monetary instability and towards a better future. However, the ban can also be seen as the only way to protect minors from unscrupulous practices dictated by financial greed.

The sporting and commercial stakes are major.

For these reasons, Football Legal devotes a Special Report to the topic of Minors in Football with the aim to give the opportunity to every football stakeholder to share their outlook. This overview is striking and of great interest to those interested in the matter.


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