Release of Football Legal # 6 (November 2016)


Times are changing for Broadcasting and Media Rights.

With new technologies and updated regulations, market operators must improve their business models. These markets are constantly evolving at both national and international levels.

In this context, Football Legal devotes its Special Report to a comparative approach of Broadcasting and Media Rights in the major football leagues.

The challenges, considerations and debates on the issue reveal that modern football has rivaling conceptions of governance, economic development and solidarity among football stakeholders.

Regarding the future of Broadcasting and Media Rights in football, a key issue is how football stakeholders will adapt to the emergence of the digital world and new regulations.




  • Interviews with Javier Tebas, Friedrich Curtius and Ettore Mazzilli
  • The potential effects of Brexit on football stakeholders, by Carol Couse and Jake Cohen
  • The Bridge Transfers Regulations and Brazilian Football, by Marcos Motta and Victor Eleuterio
  • Ongoing legal (un)certainty regarding training compensation for minors, by Frans de Weger
  • CAS Structure and Procedure - It is now time for a change!, by Lucien Valloni
  • The legacy of UEFA EURO 2016, by Victoriano Melero

Special Report Broadcasting & Media Rights in Football Leagues

  • Introduction, by Ornella Desirée Bellia
  • England - All is about Competition, by Mathieu Moreuil
  • Germany - Media and Broadcasting Rights in the Bundesliga, by Christian Frodl
  • Spain - Audio-visual rights on LaLiga's competitions, by Laura Vilches 
  • Italy - Broadcasting and Media Rights in Italy, by Bruno Ghirardi
  • France - Media and Broadcasting Rights in France, by Jérôme Perlemuter
  • Portugal - Broadcasting Rights of Professional, by Sonia Carneiro
  • A Eurovision for Sports Media Rights, by Benoît Keane
  • Brazil -  Broadcasting and Media Rights in Brazil, by André Sica
  • Argentina - Argentina's Football For All program can and should be self-financing - Agreat opportunity to invest, by Horacio Gennari
  • Australia - Broadcasting and Media Rights in the Australia A-League, by Peter Paleologos
  • Final remarks - How is changing technology affecting the delivery of football?, by Mario Gallavotti

World in review

International news (FIFA, Confederations & CAS)

  • How state aid law shapes the relationship between public authorities and football clubs - Some observations on the Commission decision of 4 July 2016, by Peter Paepe
  • FIFA TMS plays a key role in promoting the fulfilment of FIFA's objectives with regard to the new regulatory regime concerning intermediaries, by Barry Lisaght and Kimberly Morris
  • Failure to respect a decision: case law when the debtor is a natural person, by Marc Cavaliero and Jaime Cambreleng
  • Termination of Contract for Medical Reasons - An overview of the FIFA DRC jurisprudence, by Josep Vandellos Alamilla
  • Special exemption from the "validation exception" granted in the transfer of Julio Buffarini from San Lorenzo to San Pablo, by Ariel Reck
  • Abusive and Arbitrary clause to one of the parties, by Horacio Gonzalez Mullin
  • FIFA dismisses the appeals of Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid in the cases of "protection of minors", by Ivan Bykovskiy
  • Doping proceedings within the CONMEBOL jurisdiction: the case involving Brazilian player Fred, by Paula de Castro Moreira Sordi
  • Establishing collaboration between Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) and the AFC, by Benoit Pasquier and Hassan Haider Khan
  • The Lassana Diara case: the CAS confirmed the decision of the DRC, by Eugene Krechetov
  • The UEFA 12-month rule in jeopardy - Safeguarding it, by Paul Ciucur
  • The tempus regit actum prinicple in CAS jurisprudence, protecting players' agents after quiting the "football family", by Mikhail Prokopets and Darina Nikitina
  • The CAS annuled the election of the Russian DRC's Deputy Chairman, by Eugene Krechetov
  • The limits of the joint liability in application of Article 17.2 of the FIFA Regulations, by Ariel Reck
  • and much more...

National news (exclusive overview from more than 20 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Austalia, Japan, Egypt, Mexico, France, UAE, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Uruguay, etc.)


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